Billionaire Profile: Daniel Snyder

Daniel Snyder – A Success Story

Daniel Snyder was born in Silver Springs, Maryland on November 23, 1965. He was raised in Maryland where his father was a freelance writer who wrote for United Press International and National Geographic. Snyder had his first job at B. Dalton Bookseller when he was fourteen. When Daniel Snyder was seventeen, he tried to start a business with his father. They partnered together to sell bus-trip packages to fans of the Washington Capitals hockey team. The business failed.

During college, Snyder dropped out of the University of Maryland to start his first successful business. He focused on the college market and leased jets to fly college students on spring break to Fort Lauderdale and the Caribbean. Later Snyder sought a partnership with real estate entrepreneur Mortimer Zuckerman. Fred Drasner and Zuckerman, co-publishers of the New York Daily News. They invested three million dollars in Snyder’s magazine “Campus USA.” After three years, “Campus USA” closed due to not being able to produce enough paid advertising. When “Campus USA” failed, Snyder focused on wall boards, an advertising business enterprise designed for certain populations. Snyder once again had the backing of Zuckerman and Drasner again.

Daniel Snyder and Michelle Snyder, his sister, founded a marketing company Snyder Communications, Inc. The company focuses on direct marketing, database marketing, patented product sampling, sponsored information display in major locations, call centers, and field sales. In September 1996 at the age of 32, Snyder became the youngest CEO of a New York Stock Exchange listed company.

Snyder made his fortune through expanding his company and selling it to a French advertising and marketing services group Havas for $2 billion. Snyder received $300 million. The sale of Snyder Communications, Inc, was the largest transaction in the history of the advertising and marketing industries. Snyder now owns the Washington Redskins, Red Zebra Broadcasting, Johnny Rockets, and Dick Clark Productions. He is looking to go into business with the English Premier League. Snyder is also chairman of the board of Ventiv Health and is a board member of McLeodUSA.

We can learn several lessons from Daniel Snyder’s success. Snyder focuses in a niche he was familiar with, got a strong financial backing and put all his energy into that niche. Before he was successful he had to endure a few failures but he never gave up. He pushed on until he won the game of business.

He has taken a lot of that passion and poured it into making the Redskins successful. Maybe 2010 will be the year, I sure hope it is.