Best Wealth Management Firms in Scottsdale, AZ

For individuals with retirement savings of at least $500,000 it makes sense to engage with a wealth management firm.


Fiduciary firms are the best choice, as they’re legally obligated to act in your best interest. Yes, non-fiduciaries do not have to do so.


A great wealth management firm helps you plan out for retirement and other life goals supported by finances, including education for children and grandchildren, care planning, as well as other home-oriented decisions.


Scottsdale has grown rapidly over the last 30 years, attracting those seeking the sun and new developments in the west. It’s particularly attractive to retirees with the warm, dry climate and ample golf courses.


We’ve researched some of the best wealth management firms in Scottsdale and can recommend some of the best below.


Tushaus Wealth Management


This group is a father and sons trio based in Scottsdale, with 52 years of combined experience.


The group mission statement reads:


“Our mission is to help families proactively anticipate and plan for a secure tomorrow. No matter what stage of life you are in, our personalized service focuses on your specific needs, goals and objectives.”


They also have a new podcast called the Haus of Wealth Radio Show where they discuss a range of topics related to planning, including ETFs, target savings, minimum retirement recommendations, and more. They have 10 open slots for listeners to join and ask questions.


Bay Street Capital Holdings


Bay Street is a divers firm headquartered in Palo Alto with a presence in Scottsdale as well.


Their mission statement reads:

“Justice. Equity. Diversity. Inclusion. Better for the world and better for portfolios. We bring together the brightest minds to address some of the most challenging problems in developing economies in the areas of energy, infrastructure, and technology.”